“Dreamland” is an emotional journey through Thailand, from the first times when everything seemed just out of a dream, to the discovery of the sometimes hard reality. The images were shot using film only, during 8 trips over a period of 2 years

Bangkok: colonial style buildings can be found in many part of the city

Bangkok: Buddhist temples around the Royal Palace create a magic atmosphere

Bangkok: inside the temples precincts the noise of the city fades out and a sense of mystery and peace pervades everything

Bangkok: Soi Cowboy is a (un)famous small street in the Sukhumvit area where go-go bars are lined up with beautiful young girls

Bangkok: civil and religious buildings create a unique atmosphere

Sukhothai: once capital of the Kingdom, this small town is now a touristic destination still relatively out of the big masses tours where it is still possible to find the real thai hospitality and the famous genuine smiles

Erawan National Park: near the border with Myanmar is this beautiful jungle, famous among thais but not too much among foreign tourists

Pattaya: this resort town not far from Bangkok is famous for its wild nightlife

Krabi (left): in the beautiful beach of Raileh it still is possible to get close to nature, in spite of the many tourists from all over the world
Chiang Rai (right): a small tribe with the famous women with Long Neck still lives near the Golden Triangle, a small no-man-land between Myanmar, Laos and Thailand(and not far from China), one of Asia’s two main opium-producing areas

Phi Phi islands: Koh Phi Phi Don. This angle of paradise in the sea between Phuket and Krabi was the set of the american movie “The Beach” with Leonardo Di Caprio

Krabi: local people still keep their habits and culture in this touristic but still authentic southern province

Krabi: Aonang. When the sun sets, most of the tourists get back to their hotel to have some rest and get ready for the evening, while local kids come out and play on the beach

Bangkok: in spite of the promise for high speed railways, local trains still keep a traditional character

Bangkok (left): many open bars (often in vintage vans) can be found along the tiny sois (lateral streets) at night
Ayuttaya: in this ancient capital, just 30 minutes by train off downtown Bangkok, people are very friendly and curious about foreigners

Bangkok: the big city gets ready for another sleepless night

EXILE is a “visual diary” of a one month journey in Thailand